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Automotive web design & marketing

We’re here to fast track your online presence with our marketing and web design solutions

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Web design and marketing for the automotive industry

Here at Frogspark, we strive to be a strategic marketing & website design partner to automotive companies. We understand that your website is your most visible and important marketing tool so it should be reflective of your brand. We’re here to create automotive social media campaigns, ecommerce websites or whatever else you may require. Our team of experts are here to help and can’t wait to get your customers revved up and ready to buy.

Automotive services

We’re here to provide you with a wide range of services to help your business to succeed.

Social media for Automotive

Our social media team here at Frogspark are ready to get involved with any challenge you bring to us. Our plan is simple, we aim to create a platform that is going to allow you to engage with your potential clients and current clients through an array of original content. With automotive social media you want your page to be reflective of your personality and portrayed through the media you’re putting out there.

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eCommerce for Automotive

An automotive ecommerce website could be used for any number of services from insurance to vehicle leasing; we’re here to provide it all. Inhouse we’re proficient with an array of CMS platforms from WordPress to Magento, what does this mean for you? It means we’re able to provide you with a website that is based on your needs and makes it as simple as possible for you to manage your products and orders.

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Custom web design for Automotive

We understand that in the automotive industry no two businesses are the same, so equally no two websites or campaigns should be the same. A key part of our process involves us sitting down with you, the customer and discussing your needs. Doing this allows us to handcraft a custom website that is focused on the users’ journey and is going to greatly encourage conversion at every possible stage.

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Paid campaigns for Automotive

Running a paid campaign can guarantee traffic for a business of any size, so if you’re looking to get involved in the automotive industry this is perfect for you. With our team of experts running your campaign, they can guarantee that you’ll be getting the most out of your budget, utilising every tool they have and getting you the best ROI. With a number of platforms to run it on, they’ll make sure to choose the right one for you.

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Web design & marketing for automotive

Whatever your business is within the automotive industry we’re here to provide you with bespoke website designs and marketing campaigns. We’ve had years of experience so we’re able to understand what is and most importantly isn’t going to work when advertising your business.

Car dealerships

Modern car dealerships want a powerful and feature-packed website that is carefully crafted to turn visitors into buyers. We work hard to make sure that your stock of vehicles is being found online and is successfully boosting your customer base.

Leasing companies

The car leasing industry has been going from strength to strength, with more businesses getting involved in the sector, it’s making it more difficult than ever to stand out. It’s time to invest in some marketing for your company and improve your website, it’s time to be seen!


Good online marketing requires a lot of pieces working in harmony with each other. That’s why it’s so important to have professionals who understand how to build a professional campaign. You need to be improving your online presence to excel in this competitive world.

Driving instructors

Our driving instructor websites are built to be visually appealing while providing the user with the information that they require. This means displaying designs that are going to engage the learners and are compatible across all platforms. The better the performance the more likely you are to convert.

Taxi services

Marketing for a taxi company is absolutely essential, it’s such a competitive industry and one that requires you to stand out. There are thousands of taxi companies, ranging from some of the biggest down to freelancers so the competition is high and fiercely competitive. So it’s time to step your game up.


A website will play such an important role for haulage companies, they need to be easy to navigate and look professional. Just like a website your marketing is also so important in order for you to grow and expand. The competition is fierce and you need to be standing out.

Car manufacturers

We’re here to help accelerate your sales with our expert marketing campaigns and killer website designs. We’ve had years of experience perfecting our knowledge of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to advertising and website design in the automotive industry.

Automotive retailers

When it comes to selling motor vehicles it’s so important now that you’re able to advertise and sell your vehicles online as well as in person. Without the online market front, you’re not able to reach anywhere near as many customers as you potentially could with a great website.

Our approach

We understand that the world of digital marketing is one that is constantly evolving and web design is no different. In order to launch a successful automotive social media campaign, you’re going to need creativity, a solid strategy and fine-tuned processes in order to succeed. Fortunately for you, our digital marketing team has got all of that down, we’re committed to creating a campaign that is centred around helping your business succeed in the automotive industry.


With our experience in the automotive industry, we understand what is going to work in your sector which allows us to craft strategies that are bespoke to your business and your goals. We work towards your goals so we can ensure that we are generating results that you’re happy with. After all, a win for you is a win for us.

Unique process

Every business in the automotive industry is different and we understand that, so we make sure that every website, social media campaign or paid service is unique. By working closely with you, we create strategies that are bespoke to your businesses goals. Our aim when working with you is to create campaigns that are going to work for you and create long term results.


We’re here to conduct a detailed analysis of your existing site, using our inhouse tools such as Google Analytics which allows us to make better-informed decisions when it comes to optimising your site. Once we have all the information from your site and using our experience in the automotive industry we can start creating a sitemap for you to understand the customers’ journey.

Automotive marketing solutions

Providing you with the best automotive marketing strategies is at the heart of what we do. We’re here to provide you with world-class automotive marketing solutions to help you stand out from the rest of the businesses within your industry. All of our services are based on the in-depth insight that we have into the automotive sector, and are designed to help you compete with your competitors in the online marketplace.

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Automotive web design

We’ve created numerous professional automotive website designs that have put both customers and business owners alike at ease; earning their trust and growing their business. We understand that no two clients are the same so it’s important to us that no two websites are the same. By asking the right questions along the way, we are confident that every web solution that we implement will have the maximum impact. Our expert web development team boasts a number of front-end designers and developers with proficient knowledge across a wide range of platforms.

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