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94% of people carry out research online before making any purchasing decisions. So making sure that you have a site that looks great, performs well and drives results is key. We combine the skills of our talented designers and developers to deliver a custom website that shows off your products and/or service offering in the best way possible, encouraging your website users to get in touch. At Frogspark, we make websites with purpose; to boost traffic, drive enquiries and support sales.

Business website solutions

Take a look at how we approach business websites, and how we make our process work around you.

Wordpress web design

We build each and every one of our websites on the well-known and highly reliable content management system that is WordPress. We love it because it’s really simple to use, and it allows you to add and update imagery as well as any other content such as blogs and service page content on your site at any time.

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Bespoke design

When we design your website, we do it with your brand, your values and your service offering leading the way. Doing this means we are able to create a bespoke design that best represents your business, works for your customer and works towards your goals. No two businesses are the same, and neither should two websites.

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Latest technology

Our team utilise the latest and greatest technology in what we do, and this means we can create you a state of the art website that stands above your competitors. Whether that be by using smooth transitions, slick animations or efficient user interfaces, we like to go the extra mile to make the most out of your website.

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Customer service

Keeping all of our clients happy and fully up to date is something we consider key in providing a quality personal experience. Part of this involves making sure you’re fully involved in each stage of the web process so that we can be confident we’re providing you with a website that meets all your expectations.

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Support & hosting

We want you to know that post-website launch you’re not on your own. Our support and hosting packages ensure that your site is properly looked after and maintained, just the way a good website should be. We have a range of support and hosting packages available, and we’re happy to discuss which option is best for you.

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For your customer

Because we use purpose-built design, we’re confident that your website will not only easy to use internally by your team, but also by your customer. This means that all the important pages and contact information are as easy as possible for your website user to find. A good user experience results in a positive ranking boost from Google.

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Websites with purpose

We often hear that a brochure website merely needs to look attractive, that ‘it’s just your brochure… online’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the most simple of websites should be bringing value in the form of your goals. We create custom, purpose-built websites centred around your goals, whether that be in the form of driving leads, boosting your brand awareness or raising your online profile. This goal-driven mentality is factored into everything we do, from the initial design stage to creating the sitemap and crafting the user journey. We’re here to build your website around what you want to achieve.

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How we make our websites

In such a competitive online world, it’s never been more crucial to drive extra traffic to your site, and more importantly, make the most of that traffic. We use a fully comprehensive process that starts with understanding your business and takes us right up to launching your site. The attention we give to every stage of your website creation process means you get a high-performing website that looks fantastic. The entirety of our process is centred around you and your business, as we see success for you as a success for us.


We think it’s important to take a collaborative approach right from the word go, so that we can use your team’s experience, alongside our own, to add value creatively and technically at each stage. We will discuss your aims and objectives so that we can work with you to create a website that works towards achieving your goals.


We will conduct a detailed statistical analysis of your existing site, using insightful tools such as Google Analytics; allowing us to make better-informed choices when it comes to planning your new site. Then we begin mapping your site in terms of a customer’s journey to conversion, creating a visual sitemap for you to better understand this.


With the planning process defined, we put our fantastic team of creative minds together to design a beautiful unique website. This will begin with a wireframe design, to a full design concept, which is where we can look to create a truly engaging experience for your customers.


Once the design has been agreed, our developers will take your site from a static visual to a fully functioning website. We make sure to use clean, SEO friendly code to ensure your website is easy to read by search engine crawlers. We also ensure the site is running as quickly as possible - nobody likes a sluggish site.


A crucial stage is of course testing; your website is a big investment so it’s important to make sure that it is functioning exactly how it should be. This process involves checking everything is looking great and functioning correctly across a range of devices, as well as ensuring all content is search-engine ready.


After the exciting launch of your new site, you’re not left to your own devices - we can provide you with hosting and all the support you need post-launch to give that extra added value to your business. See our hosting and support packages for more information on this.

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