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What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is about more than simply the blogs you put out or the content that sits on your website. It is about creating compelling pieces of content that truly engage your target market. Without great content, no digital marketing or content marketing campaign will succeed; the saying content is king should not be ignored. But what counts as content? On a basic level, blogs, images, reports, infographics and videos are all sources of content. However, depending on the industry your business operates in we can utilise content types such as case studies, statistics & data, how-to guides, eBooks, white papers, news articles, templates, toolboxes and interviews to better captivate and engage your target market.

Content marketing services

As part of our process, will hold an ideation session with you, where we will consider a range of channels and content types, and come up with a content plan and content marketing strategy to support our chosen ideas. Being a full-service agency, we are able to handle the entirety of the digital content marketing campaign in house. We combine the efforts of our talented designers, developers, SEO and content specialists to create content that delivers results.

Content creation

Our content writing experts have the ability to write about everything from Occupational Health to Kitchen Furnishings. We write compelling content that is bespoke to your industry with the goal to engage your target market. Whilst having great content that is accurate and relevant is important, without good SEO practice a content marketing campaign will struggle to perform. We use keywords with high search volume and use SEO friendly structures in all our content!

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Design creation

Our talented in-house designers are here to transform a creative idea into an engaging and visually pleasing piece of content. We are always looking to use new innovative design ideas and trends to create the most engaging pieces of content for you. We’ll have a discussion around the type of design you’re aiming for and come up with a concept for you to look at, then we’ll work with you to get a creative that’s just right.

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Content curation

As well as content creation, content curation plays a large part within a content marketing campaign. This involves using material from a variety of sources across the web that directly appeals to your target market. We make sure to feed content curation into your content marketing strategy and envisage to use content that is personal and builds value, whilst also showing your expertise.

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On-page development

Being a full-service digital agency means we are able to use our wealth of experience in development as part of your content marketing piece. Our highly skilled developers work on developing websites and on other web applications on a daily basis, using clean, readable and SEO friendly code. This enables us to house any content on your domain, and make it fully accessible for your audience across all devices.

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For a successful digital content strategy, you need to build links and relationships, and how do you do that? Outreach. We use tried and tested practices as part of our outreach strategy. We understand the importance of contacting brands and influencers within your industry, which is why we have a process for that too. Our aim is to boost your brand’s presence, improve your organic rankings, drive more traffic back to your website and generate high quality leads for you.

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We’re dedicated to creating content marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results for your business. That’s why we make sure to use a comprehensive process that utilizes our team’s diverse skill set and creates an engaging content marketing campaign. So whether your goal is to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, maximise sales or boost customer loyalty we are committed to creating a campaign that is fully geared around this.

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The aim of content marketing

Whichever content type used within a content campaign, the principles behind it are the same. Utilising a thought, idea or piece of data in order to create content that is engaging, emotive, visually appealing or useful to your target market. And, the point of content marketing? To generate links, drive traffic to your website and gain recognition from your potential customers.

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Our approach

We understand that the world of digital marketing is characterised by its diverse nature, and content marketing is no different. To launch a successful content marketing campaign, you need a handful of creativity, a solid content marketing strategy in place and fine-tuned processes in order to successfully execute the plan. Our talented digital marketing team here in Derby have got this down to a T. We commit to carrying out a content marketing campaign that is fully centred around you and your business, and make sure you are fully informed and involved with each and every step we take. We pledge to deliver tangible results for you.

Data driven

We use data that is collected from your site and industry as well as our experience within the field, to craft a content marketing strategy that is fully bespoke to your business and your goals. We work towards these goals so that we ensure that we are generating results that you are looking for. A win for you is a win for us.

Long-term results

We use best industry practice in our content marketing campaigns to ensure we are not only running a campaign that will have quick wins, but also ensures the campaign will have a long term positive impact on your business performance. Our experience means that we know what search engines look for, and we use this knowledge to your advantage.

Unique process

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which means that every content marketing campaign should be unique. We create strategies that are bespoke to your business, your industry and most importantly your business goals. Working closely with you, we want to create a campaign that works for you and generates tangible long term results.

Bespoke to your business

When it comes to content marketing, there is no ‘one approach fits all’, it should be bespoke to your business, your goals, your target market and the industry you operate in. Here at Frogspark, we’re a creative content agency that takes the time to sit down with your team, and find out what it is that makes your target market tick – after all, you are the experts in your field, and we want to utilise your experience and expertise. Our team are experienced in running B2C and B2B content marketing campaigns, so we make sure to use what we know will bring the best results for you.

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